BMW Motorrad Neck Brace System to revolutionise motorcycle safety

BMW Motorrad has launched an innovative new Neck Brace System that greatly reduces the risk of serious neck injury for riders. The system, which sits comfortably between a rider’s shoulders and any helmet, has been designed to provide optimum protection for the spine during an accident. 

Made from a mix of carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibre-glass for supreme strength, the Neck Brace System is comfortable to wear as a soft, impact-absorbing and ‘skin-friendly’ foam layer sits between the hardened outer casing and the rider. It has also been designed to easily slip on around the neck, like a collar, courtesy of two rapid action fasteners at the side.

These fasteners allow for simple handling and easy adjustment.

The Neck Brace System was developed by BMW Motorrad in conjunction with South African physician Dr Chris Leatt and his team of accident researchers, bio-mechanics and accident surgeons. It provides protection by offering a restraining effect if the rider’s head moves excessively forwards, backwards, or to the sides. The rider is also able to retain freedom of movement needed for riding, with any risk of over-stretching of the neck, in any given direction, significantly reduced. Injuries arising from forces coming down from the helmet on to the spine are absorbed by the ridged edging that surrounds the Neck Brace.

Conrad Parker, National Aftersales Manager of BMW Motorrad said: “The BMW Neck Brace System is a revolutionary move in terms of motorcycling safety,  and is the biggest step forward for rider safety equipment since the introduction of body-armour, the back protector and full-face helmets.

“The launch of this system reinforces BMW Motorrad’s goal to make motorcycling as safe as possible by incorporating new technology in the Rider Equipment range. I am in no doubt that riders the world over will put safety first and welcome the benefits this protective equipment offers.”

The new BMW Neck Brace System is available from Motorrad dealers at a cost of £325.

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