Chad Reed races to 2nd at Anaheim Supercross

Chad Reed races to 2nd at Anaheim Supercross

Chad Reed raced back from a mediocre start to clinch second place at Saturday night's Anaheim Supercross in California and keep his AMA/ FIM Championship lead intact.

The Australian took his fifth-straight second place to James Stewart (Yamaha), although his series lead has now been cut to just three points after six of 17 rounds.

Team mate Mike Alessi had a rough night, crashing in the mud and coming from last place to finish 11th.

After missing this season's races through injury, Michael Byrne plans to return to racing at next week's San Diego seventh round.

In the Supercross Lites class, Ryan Dungey overcame a bad start to bring home a fourth-place finish.

Although the young rider won his heat race, the 15-lap Main Event saw him go down in a turn-one pile-up. In spite of this, he remounted his RM-Z250 in last place and worked his way through the field.

Chad Reed:

"The third Anaheim race was good although the track was extremely tough and you had to be real patient and not over-ride the track. I felt a lot better this week than I had in the past; we made some progress during the week with the Rockstar Makita Suzuki RM-Z450; and I felt really, really comfortable. I felt that my pace and speed were up overall. But it was a long, tough race and it was a difficult track to pass on so I'm happy to have stayed on two wheels and finished on the podium."

Mike Alessi:

"It was a rough day for sure. Practice was really muddy and I just tried to get through it safely and get into the night show. In my heat race I was running second and then I went to hit the brake and I had mud packed up on my footpeg and couldn't hit the brake and missed the turn and crashed. When I got back up, I worked my way back up to eighth and, luckily, I qualified.

"In the Main, I was running fourth but in a slippery turn, I lost the front end and fell. I was really bummed because I was right there with the top guys and I felt like I could go with them. But I crashed and had to come from last place. I never gave up charging and I made it to 11th, but I felt like if I hadn't crashed, I could've been in fifth or sixth place. But that's how things go and we'll work hard this week and hope to do better next week at San Diego."

Ryan Dungey:

"It was a tough day. I was able win my heat race and I felt really good on my Rockstar Makita Suzuki RM-Z250 on the track and going into the Main. But in the start, I was trying to sneak around on the inside and I must have lost my front end. I just made a mistake and I was on the ground. But overall it was a great ride and pretty solid. We did some damage control and, overall, it wasn't too-bad-of-a-night going from last to fourth."

Supercross results: 1 James Stewart (Yamaha), 2 Chad Reed (Rockstar Makita Suzuki), 3 Davi Millsaps (Honda), 4 Ivan Tedesco (Honda), 5 Josh Grant (Yamaha), 6 Andrew Short (Honda), 7 Kevin Windham (Honda), 8 Josh Hill (Yamaha), 9 Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha), 10 Tim Ferry (Kawasaki).

Championship points (after 6 rounds): 1 Reed 130, 2 Stewart 127, 3 Grant 111, 4 Short 102, 5 Tedesco 91, 6 Villopoto 88, 7 Windham 82, 8 Millsaps 75, 9 Alessi 68, 10 Ferry 67.

Lites results: 1 Jake Weimer (Kawasaki), 2 Ryan Morais (Kawasaki), 3 Justin Brayton (KTM), 4 Ryan Dungey (Rockstar Makita Suzuki), 5 Jeff Alessi (Honda), 6 Ryan Sipes (KTM), 7 Dan Reardon (Honda), 8 PJ Larsen (Kawasaki), 9 Chris Blose (Honda), 10 Eric McCrummen (Honda).

Lites points: 1 Weimer 113, 2 Dungey 110, 3 Morais 102, 4 Brayton 88, 5 Sipes 69, 6 Blose 68, 7 Reardon 56, 8 Larsen 51, 9 Alessi 39, 10 McCrummen 38.

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